Professional tests provide a quick, objective, and complex understanding of the personality of the tested person and discover dispositions for a certain position and possibilities for further professional growth of the tested person as to his/her intellect, personal characteristics, and self-motivation.

Use of tests
  • A supplementary tool in search of a new employee for a certain position
  • A planning tool for current employees’ personal growth (Growth charts)
Druhy testů
  • Performance tests – measure IQ and provide information about how fast and well a person is able to learn new things, and what is his/her logical thinking and ability to solve practical and system tasks.
  • Personality tests – are very useful in selection proceedings because based on the results of these tests, the personal qualities and performance efficiency of an employee in a certain position can be assessed (e.g. his/her ability to perform business, technical, administrative, or economic activities, lead a group of employees, or handle stress situations, etc.).
  • Managerial tests – are important especially for selecting applicants for work positions that require strategic and operational planning, management and motivation of subordinated employees, and a systematic and concept approach (in particular numerical, verbal, and abstract thinking is assessed).
  • Motivation tests – provide information about employees’ motivation to achieve above-average results and serve as feedback for managers in respect to their people management style.
Time demands

Depending on the complexity of testing 2,5 hours.


A graphical profession chart and a written report with the recommendation of optimal use of skills.


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