ADVANCE HR, s.r.o. is a Czech personnel-educating company that helps to solve personnel issues while focusing on efficiency, individual approach, and discrete processing of obtained information.

Our goals

To be a partner and consulting advisor in the human resources management of our clients.
To quickly respond to current needs and to provide an entire solution system.
To simplify access to tailor-made personnel services.
To work with clients from different market segments.

Structure of the company

The company has several teams specializing in different areas of company human resources management, such as:

Realization team

Realizes projects taking into consideration the differences in each company as to the area of enterprising, product, and final customer. All projects are tailor-made and the approach and type of cooperation with clients are specific to each client. Clients’ company standards and attitude towards their employees are reflected in the realization of the project.

Consulting team

Provides complex consulting services that help to:

  • Save managers’ time
  • Simplify difficult decisions
  • Lower expenses
  • Improve labor productivity and fluctuation of employees

Project team

Prepares projects, including a specific solution proposal and a selection of suitable tools. The team works with the client by doing an initial examination at the client’s premises and finding information about all processes that take place at the company. The portfolio of products, projects, and services may be modified based on the needs and requirements of the client:

  • Search for, and selection of, suitable candidates
  • Psycho-diagnostic tests
  • Employee skills training
  • Coaching
  • Employee’s personal growth charts
  • Personnel consulting
  • Personnel audit, sociological examination, etc.
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