Coaching is a tailor-made process that disengages the potential of the coached person and allows to maximize his/her performance, develops personal, interpersonal, and managing attributions, improves self-cognition, boosts self-confidence, and helps to build personal image. Coaching is designed for all employees, in particular for managers and salesmen. It is good for long-term management, but not for crisis management. It stimulates own ideas and solutions and supports employees’ loyalty to the company.


A professionally conducted interview between the coach and the coached person.


Due to its nature, coaching can be compared to therapeutic sessions. The coached person has a goal to achieve and is given stimulating questions by the coach to find the best possible way how to achieve it. It involves an analysis of the reality, search for options, selection of the optimal way, and creation of an action plan for the coached person.

  • Managers – the coach challenges managers to search for a new way of solving a certain situation and to view things from a different perspective
  • Employees (coached persons) – the coach leads coached persons in setting up specific tasks
Time demands

Coaching may be done as long as necessary, the number of sessions depends on the complexity of the coached issue.


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