Growth charts are a tool for planning employees’ personal growth, making the process of human resources management more effective:

  • In all production industries
  • In transportation
  • In banking
  • In the insurance business
  • In healthcare
  • In different types of services
  • In education
  • In all areas of state administration and in self-governing authorities
Objective examination of personal characteristics of the employee at a certain position

  • Preparation of a profile for a certain position (competences and requirements)
  • Set up of evaluation criteria (for evaluation of performance in certain areas)
  • Mapping of the actual situation (the point of view of the superior and subordinated employee in compliance with the profile)
  • Graphical output (weak and strong points of the employee)
  • Feedback (motivation interviews, proposal of the employee’s growth)
  • Preparation of a growth chart of the employee

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