Model situation rehearsing, the so-called training, improves the performance of employees, increases their work efficiency, and strengthens team cooperation.

Methodology of training

The basic training methodology is learning by experience. This method of training allows active cooperation of all participants. The teaching of the instructor is shown on model situations that are based on the experience of course participants and is usually supplemented by case studies. Participants are led to actively search for a solution and course of action in such situations, formulate a conclusion, and apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Realization of training

The training is realized by focusing on an active approach of participants, as well as the personality of the instructor whose knowledge of social psychology and personality psychology helps to achieve the most effective results of the training process. The training is based on the requirements and needs of the client, as well as on what the client expects from his employees.

  • Training of skills through participants’ own experience “Oh, an experience”
  • Discussions about a certain skill and interpretation of principles
  • Exercises, team and individual model situations, training video tapes
  • Feedback – video training


A final assessment report containing information about the group’s team cooperation and a plan of further growth of each course participant. A part of the report is also an assessment of the course by each participant who writes down his/her comments about the course, contents, and form of the training in a simple questionnaire.

Time demands

This is usually a two-day training – each training day lasts 8 hours.

Group size

Based on our experience, the group size should not be more than 10-12 participants.

The most requested types of training


  • Principles of professional sales
  • Conducting a business meeting
  • Customer service
  • Persuasive business presentation
  • Negotiating and argumentation
  • Telemarketing


  • Manager’s role
  • Effective management and motivation of employees
  • Coaching
  • Conducting a conference
  • In-house communication

Other employees

  • Customer service
  • Sales support
  • Complaints and reclamation handling
  • Effective phone calling

All-company training

  • Teambuilding
  • Time management
  • Customer typology
  • Stress management
  • Communication
  • Conflict-solving
  • Presentation skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Burnout syndrome

Personnel specialists, internal trainers

  • Selection interview
  • Assessment and growth interviews
  • Disciplinary interviews
  • Facilitation and mediation
  • Instructor skills


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